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Black Finished Short Hex Key Wrench

Item: HK-01
Product Name: Black Finished Short Hex Key Wrench

  • Short handle, easy to use
  • Material: carbon steel hex key wrench
  • Size: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm
  • Surface treatment: black finished
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Features of Black Finished Short Hex Key Wrench

  • Short hex key wrench is simple, small and light.
  • Contact surfaces of the screw or bolt are protected from external damage.
  • There are six contact surfaces between bolt and driver.
  • Very small bolt heads can be accommodated.
  • Short hex key wrench allows the use of headless and recessed-head screws.
  • Screw can be held by the key while it is inserted into its hole.
  • Torque applied to the screw is constrained by the length and thickness of the key.
  • Short hex key wrench is very cheap, so it can be included with products requiring end-user assembly.
  • Either end of short hex key wrench can be used to take advantage of reach or torque.
  • Short hex key wrench can be reconditioned using an electric grinder by removing the worn-out part near the end.
  • High torque is more likely to damage an internal socket/key than an external hexagon head/wrench
  • It is much more difficult to turn a damaged internal fastener than an external one.


Specification of  HK-01 Short Hex Key Wrench

Each of these short hex key wrenchs is constructed of durable black finished steel to resist rust. This is black finished short hex key wrenchs available for almost any application. This black finished short hex key wrench allows you to handle a variety of hex fasteners in assembly, industrial or automotive jobs.

Size Across flat(s) Across corner(e) Length(L2) Bend Length(L1)
1.5mm 1.46-1.50 1.63-1.68 45 14
2mm 1.96-2.0 2.18-2.25 50 16
2.5mm 2.45-2.50 2.75-2.82 56 18
3mm 2.95-3.00 3.31-3.39 63 20
4mm 3.95-4.00 4.44-4.53 70 25
6mm 5.95-6.00 6.71-6.81 90 32
8mm 7.94-8.00 8.97-9.09 100 36
10mm 9.94-10.00 11.23-11.37 112 40
14mm 13.89-14.00 15.70-15.93 124 56
17mm 16.89-17.00 19.09-19.35 160 63


Modle NO. Speci.  Pcs/ctn G.W/N.W(kg) Meas.(cm)
HK-01 1.5mm 10000 9.1/8.6 34.5x15.5x19.5
  2mm 6000 10.6/10 34.5x15.5x19.5
  2.5mm 5000 15.2/14.8 34.5x15.5x19.5
  3mm 3000 14/13.5 34.5x15.5x19.5
  4mm 1600 16.8/16.3 34.5x15.5x16
  5mm 960 17.3/17 34.5x15.5x16
  6mm 640 19.3/18.8 34.5x15.5x16
  8mm 288 17/16 34.5x15.5x12.5
  10mm 192 20/19  34x15.5x16
  12mm 96  15.8/15.3 34.5x15.5x12.5
  14mm 64 16.8/16.3  34x15.5x16
  17mm 24 10.6/10 28x24.5x8


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