A Full Size of Long Steel Measuring Tape

Ningbo Eastern Tape Measure offers a full size of long steel measuring tape with long life in tough field conditions and use. All long steel measuring tape are designed to withstand more wear and tear than fiber glass measuring tapes with great accuracy at any temperature.

The series of tapes is available in different units of measure like metric, feet and inches, and feet and tenths. Some are double sided measuring tape models.

At present , Eastern long steel measuring tape surports three type blade, they are:

1. Polymer resin paint blade with yellow or white color.
2. Black oxide blade.
3. Stainless steel blade.

Compact long steel measuring tape


This long steel tape with yellow compact case that fits nicely in the hand and fits easily into briefcase or even a pocket is very popular with Realtors and other indoor users.

The flush-folding crank pops up for easy rewinding. And if you're measuring alone, the metal catch hook is set at zero, so there's no need for a correction. The gradations are painted red on a durable, bright-white steel blade.


Strongest gear train on the market. Metal, planetary gearing for super fast rewind.  steel blade; tough, double nylon-coated steel assures long life under field abuse; rapid reeling; wide base crank handle for increased durability.


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