List of Long Oil Tape, Water & Oil Finding Paste

Eastern Tape Measure - manufacuturer and exporter in China - offers a full list of oil tapes and accessories, such as standard oil tape, long oil tape, oil tank deep gauge tape, as well as water finding paste, oil finding paste and liquid oil thief.

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Relative Products of Oil Tape

Water Indicating Paste

Water indicating paste also called water finding paste or water finder paste. It was used in the field of Petrol Chemical Industry or gas station.

When you want to measure the depth of oil, place a thin film of paste on clean gauge line, rod or bob approximately where water level is expected to appear-lower tape or rod into tank until bottom is reached.

Illustration for Use of water indicating paste

Water indicator paste will appear by positive contrast of brilliant colors; Gold changes to red on contact with water level, instantaneous in gasoline, kerosene, and gas oils; A few seconds longer required for heavy and dark oils.

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Oil Indicating Paste

Oil indicating paste or oil indicator paste (also called oil finding paste or oil finder paste ) is a height indicator for the gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil.

Put oil finding paste on the surface of oil tape blade. There will be a color change reaction, if meeting the oil, the color will be changed from pin to white.

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Antistatic Sampling Line - Model YX

This series are according to GB13348-92, GB15599-1995, JT/T407-1999 standard. In course of oil manufacture°Ęcarry,it's need sampling°Ętemperature testing,in case sampling line didn’t produce according to nation standard,maybe it has happened static accident in course of sampling and temperature testing.This series of sampling line have past the nation standard absolutely.

Application wide: It's used to deep stratum oil sampling and testing.
Specification: diameter 4mm, 6mm, 8mm

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Liquid Oil Thief

This series copper/stainless sampling utensil are producing according to GB/T1147-89 standard, it can meet different sampling inquiry.

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